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Facebook is the most popular social network in Vietnam with 30 million users. Particularly, Vietnamese people spend about 2,5 hours/day on Facebook which is 13% higher than the world’s average. With all these impressive figures, Facebook Ads is a potential and efficient way for advertisers.

Why choose Facebook Ads?

– A large number of users.

– Convey products/services messages in an easy and natural way.

– High interactive capacity between customers and advertisers

Facebook Ads formats:

1. Page Post Engagement

– Increase post engagement on fanpage

– Indirect generate Fanpage Fans by like post, comment, share, photo view

– Charged by CPC


2. Page Likes:

– Getting likes for your Fanpage

– Only charged by CPL



3. Clicks To Website – Domain Ads:

– When people click your Ads on their New Feed, they can go to your Homepage or fanpage that you choose

– Indirectly generating traffics and Like for fanpage

– Charged by CPC



4. Clicks To Website – Standard Ads:
– Ads appear in the right column on New Feed.
– Raising traffic when users click to Ads and access your website/homepage.
– Charge by CPC



5. Clicks To Website – Multi products

– Another name is carousel

– Website – fanpage integrated Ads

– Display multi products/contents at the same time with maximum 5 images/links in an Ad

– Charged by CPC



6. Clicks To Website – Dynamic products:

– An Ad solution to introduce products catalogue in Facebook

– Display products related to search history of users on Newfeed, target right people, right demands

– Charged by CPC


7. Event Responsive:

– Involve audiences to Events, increase engagements

– Charged by CPC



8. Video View:

– Increase Video views/engagements

– Charged by CPV



9. Offer Claim:

– Ads spread discount/promotion events to FB users

– Attract audiences attention through certain actions, raising sale efficiency.

– Charged by CPC



10. App Install:

– Run Ads on New Feed and attract audiences to install your apps

– Charged by CPC, CPI



11. Local awareness

– With local awareness, you can reach potential local customers in the area around your business.

– Ads run on their New Feed when they are near your location

– Generate offline purchase, apply for retail stores/restaurants/ café

– Charged by CPC

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