Google Adwords – Effective target Advertising

Google – a special channel for business to promote brands and products to the targeted customers.

Why choose Google Adwords?

  • Reach the right people at the right time when they’re searching for the things that you offer
  • Set your own Ads budget through flexible bids
  • The smart report system show you which parts are working in your Ads campaign

Google Ads formats:

  1. Text Ads
  • A type of text ads which includes direct link to landing page or website
  • Reach right targeted customers and call conversions.
  • Charged by CPA, CPC


  1. Google Dynamic Search Ads
  • Automatically create ads regarding website contents
  • Apply for websites which have different kinds of products/services
  • Automatically create ads without separating products into different groups

google search dong

  1. Google search Only Call:
  • Encourage calls to your business by showing your phone number on your ads
  • Appear when searching on mobile or tab devices
  • Add your phone numbers to title ads

only call

  1. Google Display Network
  • Show ads on the Display Network which includes specific Google websites, mobile sites and apps – that show Adwords ads.
  • Remarketing campaigns base on products list on Google Trading Centre.
  • Bid cost is more stable than Googe Search

Hiển thị thực tế

  1. Banner Ads on video
  • A form of trueview in display Ads ; display on GDN, target YouTube
  • Highlight content with still image banner

Hiển thị thực tế

  1. Video – Instream Ads
  • Ads run on GDN
  • Ads appear while playing video on websites
  • Viewers cannot skip the ads

Hiển thị thực tế

  1. True View Instream
  • TrueView in-stream ads run on videos served on YouTube or within Google Display Network
  • Only skip ads after duration
  • Charge after 30 seconds or when the video ad has been watched completely.

Hiển thị thực tế

  1. TrueView in Display
  • Ads appear when viewer is watching or searching videos on YouTube
  • Chagre only when viewer click to thumbnail and watch video

Hiển thị thực tế

  1. Youtube Mastheath
  • Ads run on YouTube homepage
  • 24/24 display on all screens (PC, Mobile, tab), bring effective brand awareness and optimized campaign coverage.
  • Charged by CPD and easy measure through Analytics tool

Hiển thị thực tế

  1. Dynamic Remarketing
  • Prior to customers who used to access your website or mobile apps
Dynamic Remarketing Process
Dynamic Remarketing Process