Mobile Ads – Connecting customers anytime, anywhere

Vietnam has become the 17th country in the world and 4th position in Asia , only after India, China and Indonesia which has over 30 million people using Mobile Internet , accounted for 37% of population equivalent. 

Tổng quan thị trường Mobile Internet tại Việt Nam


VIetnam Mobile Internet Market Overview

Mobile Ads are displayed on different mobile devices such as smatphone, tablet, book reader or mp3 which connect with Intenet , helping businesses in accessing a large number of potential customers anytime, anywhere.

Type of Mobile Ads:

1. Sponsor Ads

– Ads are displayed on mobile screen without distracting articles content.

– High ability to click on Ads because of related content with article.

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2. Popup Ads

– Ads are displayed on full screen, impress audiences by lively images and animation

– Applied for big brands in campaigns of lauching new products or promoting annual events

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3. Catfish Ads

– Catfish is one of the most effective advertisings in the world in which ads are displayed on the bottom of article.

– Attract customers attention , bring higher efficiency

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