Youtube Ads

Your ads will be appeared when users seeking videos for their entertaining purposes on Youtube – the 2nd search engine in the world.

If you want to get benefits from hundreds of millions of views on Youtube, we can help! Currently, you can target any kind of formats such as images, video, text in different positions on Youtube as well as specific categories, for example Science and Technology or Education. You can also exclude specific content on Youtube website appears with your ads.

Youtube Ads positions:


Quảng cáo Youtube 1


Quảng cáo Youtube 2


1. Ability to Coverage

Your message will have opportunity to appear in front of millions of potential customers through billions of pages views per day. It’s considered as the effective customers approach method of businesses, focusing on video or banner Ads on Youtube to convey their messages.

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2. Deversity Of Advertising

You can choose your message appears when users view, search or surf videos on YouTube via TVC Ads, Banner Ads or Promoted Videos.

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3. On target Users

Promoted Video allows you to orient to users attention in a product or a certain group. When they search the introductory video about this product on YouTube, your business message will be displayed on YouTube in the first place in the Promoted Videos

Quảng cáo Youtube 6

4. Impressed content Video

You will have opportunity to spread  message to customers through such form of advertising which involves user’s engagement and promote branding.

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